Binalog supports manufacturing companies and product developing Start-Ups in the field of Molecular Diagnostic, Life-Science and Pharmaceutics. Services in Process Technologies, Manufacturing Software and Validation are in focus with holistic consulting activities to support manufacturing organizations.

Why Binalog

To provide you with individual solutions that create impulses for healthy growth and sustainable industrialization. We are proud of our cross-industry expertise with a proven technical skillset in the regulated environment of diagnostics and pharmacy and support your organization with holistic services.


We come from applied and profound technical engineering and leading manufacturing management. Furthermore, we attach value to our diverse network and our widely spread experiences in the fields of operational technologies & engineering: we have successfully opened and shaped ways for industrialization, growth and structure from small over mid-size to global corporate environments. One of our competencies is bringing the right partners to the table to shape the right path for you.
  • Trust and Openness
  • Objectivity & Integrity
  • Environment, Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Training, Empowerment and Communication
  • Responsibility and Motivation
  • Performance and Professional Expertise (we are convincing – and we let ourselves be convinced)

Technology, Process and Automation

Individual requirements require individual systems: we implement the right solution of available systems and customized developments – always considering your prevailing architecture and specific requirements.

Sondermaschinenbau & Plant Design

Sondermaschinenbau &
Plant Design

Our consulting and implementation strategies are based on profound technical understanding without losing focus on the big picture. We profit from a diverse team consisting of experts and generalists with different technical backgrounds from different industries. Our motivation and inspiration are exciting and convincing solutions with creative new approaches.

  • Specification & Requirements
  • Technical Project Management
  • Supplier and Manufacturer Consulting
  • Project Setup (requirements for a successful project)
  • Industrialization Strategy and Concept Development
  • Interface Management (infrastructure, building requirements, bottling plants, packaging, assembly, bulk production, pipeline construction, commissioning & ramp-up, qualification, validation, maintenance and life cycle)

System Integration

The key to a successful concept is in integration. For this we consider the complete process and integrate technology, plant design and subsystems to close the bridge to the system landscape and achieve an efficient manufacturing process in a holistic way. We are convinced that next to functional technical solutions, the internal procedures and processes are fundamentally essential. Here we support you in complex tasks like:

  • Sondermaschinenbau (Special-Purpose Machine Engineering) & Plant Design
  • Core Technologies from the Manufacturing Industry
  • Software Landscapes (IT, OT and Automation)
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Order Management
  • Organizational Structure and Staff Development (RACI, qualification matrix, standardization and interface definition)
Operational Technologies & Engineering

Process Control

We define and implement monitoring, control, measurement and optimization systems as fully integrated and for your use case customized solutions. No matter if homogenic and standardized manufacturing technology or heterogenic systems during the development of a Start-Up: we support you to find the right solutions from general regulatory conditions, internal standards, available state of the art standards on the global market and customized developments. A process control system is supposed to operate as a connecting link in a holistic orchestra. We help you find the right balance between holistic ERP and individual 3rd-party systems. For this we do not only integrate vertically but also horizontally between automation levels and departments.
  • MES Selection and Integration
  • Key and Power User Concepts
  • Assessment of Master Data Quality
  • Interfaces between Shopfloor, Production Management and Production Planning
  • Data Aquisition and Analysis
  • Integration of Real-Time Data into the daily business
Operational Technologies & Engineering

Software Development and User Experience

Individual requirements require individual systems: we implement the right solution from market available systems and customized developments – always considering your prevailing architecture and specific requirements. For this we rely on modern software standards like easy to integrate web interfaces and develop an appealing and intuitive user experience. Innovative methods for visualization of informational and holistic process flows create a transparent and comprehensive interface between process, machine and human. This way you guarantee an efficient knowledge transfer and smooth operation.

Quality Control

Prerequisite for a successful industrialization is a known target for product quality and regulatory requirements. For us quality requirements, product specification and customer standards are an essential minimum requirement that is achieved by suitable in-process controls and risk-based quality assurance. Furthermore, the timely start of a Continuous-Improvement Process through data acquisition and analysis with transparency over the achieved quality is indispensable.

Qualification, Validation, Change-Control

Quality as key to success. We are cross-industry experienced in the responsibility of plant operators and requirements to plant manufacturers, subcontractors and processes. For us qualification and validation activities are an efficient tool for quality assurance of highest standards. We know the diligence for each process requirement – for new projects as well as controlled changes for existing manufacturing processes. Cross-Industry expertise in the fields of equipment, software and building are our foundation to create the right strategies and solutions for you in any volume.

Strategy & Management

We see ourselves as a modern service provider and offer diverse expertise from a single source to support you in both strategy and implementation.

Implementation Consulting and Strategy Development

A strategy requires careful preparation and is based on individual concepts. Especially in the case of major changes, growth and industrialization timely strategic reactions are essential and require practical as well as holistic approaches. Most of the time you don’t have the time to learn from your own mistakes, so we are happy to support you with our experience in operational technologies and engineering.

We see ourselves as a modern service provider and offer diverse expertise from a single source to support you in both strategy and implementation.

End-to-end Project Responsibility

We offer active project management and project control. For us, project responsibility is not necessarily noiseless, but stands for a distinct understanding of responsibility and reliability. We believe in sustainable success, which should not be managed by external support alone and understand our performance in determined and holistic conception as well as implementation consulting. High identification with your project and your team lead to successful results. As a key to flexibility we offer the coordination of our strong cooperation partners as well as the implementation of individual software solutions, prototyping, flexible auxiliary and bridging technologies and proof of concept studies.

Industrialization and Upscale

On the way to commercially manufacturing a product, numerous strategic decisions have to be made. In-depth knowledge of technologies, manufacturing processes, products and insights into processes of different company sizes in diverse industries are a fundamental prerequisite for this. Our focus is on the individuality of your needs and a good balance between visionary creativity and realistic down-to-earthiness.

Our team of experienced specialists can provide expert advice from the very first idea and support and guide the implementation of short-term and easy-to-implement solutions while keeping in mind medium- and long-term planning. We implement individual solutions at short notice – without losing sight of the big picture.

Especially in industrialization, we can focus on prototyping and proof of concepts and thus also accelerate and sustainably support market launches and small-scale production startups up to industrial production.

It makes us proud to support start-ups on their successful way and to see them grow to be a major player.

About us

We keep our promises! Binalog stands for ambitious and at the same time realistic engineering as well as sustainable methodology and production structures.

We place particularly high value on courteous and respectful cooperation, live willingness to change and convince through reliability, performance and professional expertise. For us, the central consideration of the environment and social sustainability is not just a generous gesture, but the basis and key to long-term success.


It is not only important to us WHAT we do, but also with WHOM: We are currently looking for curious engineers and programmers who identify with our goals and want to apply their experience and expertise in exciting projects.

We place great value on a constructive and supportive network, space for creative ideas, and personal goals and development

If you think we should get to know each other, feel free to contact us!

Selected customers


We invite you to look at our competencies and references together with us. You can gain insight into our strengths and past experiences. We value to introduce ourselves to you personally and we look forward to supporting you in your projects. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our respective contact person.


Managing Director
Strategic Consulting / Sondermaschinenbau & Plant Design




Managing Director
Strategic Consulting / Operational Technologies & Software Development

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